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Why You Should Choose Space Maintainers For Your Kids?

The loss of your child's milk teeth is completely normal. They do, however, occasionally fall out before the adult teeth are ready to emerge. If your child's tooth has fallen out prematurely, space maintainers should be considered. Adult teeth grow properly with the help of space maintainers. If space is not correctly maintained, it can lead to a variety of dental issues in children. Our dentists at Joyful Smiles Pediatric Dentistry will tell you why you should choose space maintainers for your kids.

What Are Space Maintainers?

A space maintainer is a dental device that creates adequate room for your child's permanent teeth to emerge. Your kid could be suffering from premature tooth loss due to several reasons. However, you must consult your Tinley Park pediatric dentist to find out the space maintainer that best suits your child's needs. It is important to discuss with them the exact reason behind your kid's tooth loss. This will ensure proper selection.

Why Should You Choose Space Maintainers?

Plastic or metal is commonly used for these maintainers. Once your child's teeth have fallen out, their main role is to keep the adjacent teeth from shifting. The best pediatric dentist in Tinley Park has listed certain reasons to choose space maintainers. This will help you to make informed dental care choices for your children.

Keeps The Surrounding Teeth From Shifting

The surrounding teeth tend to move into the empty socket when there is space. This may affect the healthy development of your child's oral cavity if it occurs before their permanent teeth grow. These devices prevent teeth shifting by keeping surrounding teeth in place.

Ensures Healthy Growth Of Permanent Teeth

Your child's adult teeth will follow in the footsteps of their baby teeth. Tooth loss makes it more difficult for permanent teeth to grow smoothly, which can lead to dental issues. These space maintainers will ensure that your kid's teeth erupt in the correct order. The surrounding teeth are prevented from slipping into the space and this gives plenty of room for the permanent teeth to emerge.

Choose The Correct Maintainer

You have the option of using either fixed or removable maintainers. As the name implies, the fixed ones cannot be detached and will be fixed in place. The removable ones can be opened whenever your child ones. However, it is best to discuss with your Tinley Park pediatric dentist before selecting the appropriate one.

Reduces Need For Orthodontic Treatment

You can lessen the need for other orthodontic treatments by using space maintainers. Maintainers fill up the gaps left by your child's missing teeth. This helps with the proper placement of permanent teeth and reduces the likelihood of other orthodontic complications in children. Forget about your concerns about crooked teeth. These retainers will ensure that your child has a straight smile and will save you money on future orthodontic treatments. Thus, in addition to maintaining the space, they will also serve as a preventive step, preventing other dental health issues.

We hope this blog has helped you to understand more about space maintainers. Get in touch with us at Joyful Smiles Pediatric Dentistry if you are looking for the best space maintainers in Tinley Park, IL.