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A guide to your child’s dental health care
Has the first tooth of your infant arrived? Are you guessing when to inculcate the regular brushing habit in your[...]
Does your child need a root canal therapy?
People often question whether it is really important to save a baby’s tooth! The general notion goes that baby tooth[...]
5 Effective tips for Preventing Dental Anxiety in Children
Dental anxiety is a serious problem. Studies have shown that people who suffer from dental anxiety have worse oral health.[...]
Is Sedation Dentistry Safe For Your Kids? Read This Blog To Understand
The advancement of sedation drug therapy has enabled many pediatric dentists to make use of sedatives during the course of[...]
Make Flossing an Essential Part Of Your Child’s Life to Prevent Oral Problems
Flossing on a regular basis can do wonders to your little one’s teeth. A child will not understand the basic[...]
Is Your Child Complaining of a Tingling Sensation on Their Teeth? It Could be Sensitivity
You will definitely not feel good to see your child suffering from oral problems because the level of discomfort can[...]
Incorporate Good Oral Habits in Your Child and Stop Tooth Decay from Occurring
A child will follow whatever people around him/her would do, especially, the parents. Likewise, your good dental habits somehow influence[...]
Make Your Specially Challenged Child’s Life Brighter by Maintaining a Good Oral Health
A child’s laughter can not only pacify you in every way but can also make your entire day. All that[...]
Tooth Decay, A Common Issue in Children, Know its Causes and Prevention
Tooth Decay makes a person go through an excessive amount of distress, thus, imagine how difficult it would be for[...]
5 Substitutes of Sugar for Your Child Which are Equally Delectable
Every child has a sweet tooth and some cannot even pass their days without having chocolates. The more your kid[...]
Is Usage of Mouthwash Safe for Children? Know How it Can be Risk-Free
Being a parent, you should certainly look after your child’s oral hygiene. It is necessary to have a healthy mouth[...]
6 Mouth Healthy Lunch Ideas for Your Children That are Scrumptious
It becomes much easier to prevent your kids from following unhealthy oral habits when they are not out of your[...]
What to do When Your Child is Teething?
Teething is a process that is experienced by all children. The first tooth usually erupts around 6-8 months and a[...]
Thumb Sucking
Thumb sucking, including various types of fingers is a very common habit observed in children. It is considered a normal[...]
Dental Care for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
The number of children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) has increased dramatically. Between 1970-1980 only 1 in 2000 children[...]
The 10 Best Kid-Friendly Dentists in Illinois!
We are excited to be selected as # 4 for Best Kid Friendly Dentists in Illinois! Our mission is to[...]
Infant Oral Health Care
Children will probably see their pediatrician in the first year of life more than they do any other time.  It[...]
Facts About Tooth Decay
Dental caries also known as tooth decay is the single most common chronic childhood disease; it is five times more[...]

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