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Why Should You Give Space To Your Kid’s Permanent Teeth?

Not all parents are aware of the importance a child’s baby teeth are for his or her dental health in the future. By design, our baby teeth serve as guides for the permanent teeth, to help them grow properly. For people whose baby teeth erupted early, their surrounding teeth shift into the adjacent space not occupied by any tooth. This, in turn, gives no room to the permanent teeth to grow in an aligned and healthy way.

The fact that some kids lose will their baby teeth before their designated time is inevitable. This can be due to various reasons, tooth decay, accident-related injury, etc. But, parents should not be overly concerned or alarmed for their kid’s permanent teeth because every problem comes with a solution.

Space Maintainers To The Rescue

Dentists use space maintainers for maintaining space between baby teeth until a kid’s permanent teeth erupt for replacing his or her baby teeth. Experienced pediatric restorative dentists in Tinley Park, IL, generally recommend fixed space maintainersas they guarantee that required space maintenance for the permanent teeth. You can also opt for removable space maintainers, but they are not very effective because your kids might end up removing them more often than required and tend to lose them.

Some things to know about space maintainers before choosing them for your kids are listed below:

  1. Customized Fit: In case your kid is only missing one of his or her teeth, then opting for a customized space maintainer from a pediatric dentist near you is the best option. It will take only one appointment. Alternatively, for several missing teeth, you need to visit the dentist for taking impressions and measurements to ensure the right fit based.

  2. Removing Space Maintainers: When a permanent tooth starts erupting, you must visit a dentist to ensure the proper time and process to remove the space maintainers.

  3. Caring For Space Maintainers: Maintaining a good oral hygiene routine, such as brushing and flossing twice a day, for protecting your child’s teeth and gums is not only necessary but it also helps in avoiding any kind of irritation that these spacers might cause. Additionally, using mouthwashes also helps in killing the bacteria that might accumulate on the gums.

At Joyful Smiles Pediatric Dentistry, our experienced pediatric dentists recommend space maintenance treatments for preventing undesired movement of your child’s teeth and for maintaining the required space for their adult teeth to grow. For getting the best space maintainers in Tinley Park, IL, you can schedule an appointment with our highly-skilled pediatric restorative dentists.