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What To Do If Your Kid Doesn’t Like Visiting The Dentist?

It’s not at all a surprise that a visit to the dentist may make your kid a little nervous. Most parents have stated that their kid is “terrified” of the dentist; others mentioned that their kid won’t even open their mouth at the dentist, and some also say that their children scream at the dentist! Surprisingly, these are just all normal and predictable responses. Several kids experience fear when it comes to meeting unknown people, particularly a stranger working with tools inside their mouth!

So, what can you do to ease your kid’s anxiety about their dental appointments? Below given are 4 tips to let change your kid’s mind about their trip to the dentist:

Make your child meet the dentist beforehand

Try to arrange a meeting between your kid and the pediatric dentist before the scheduled appointment to give your kid some time to form a relationship with his or her dentist. Since most kids have fears when meeting a stranger (specifically an unknown doctor), an introductory meeting will let ease some nervousness before the appointment. Let your kid know that their dentist is a friendly person who wishes to help enhance their smile!

Form positive reinforcement for your kid

If your kid isn’t a fan of their dental appointments, give him or her little positive reinforcement after their appointment. Help your kid associate a positive reward with their visits to the dentist. Maybe you can just take them to the playground after their appointment, or reward them with a movie or game item. Show them that visiting the dentist implies that something positive is approaching! As your toddler grows older and understands that the dentist isn’t so scary, these rewards won’t be needed (of course). 

Choose positive, less daunting words around your child 

The words/terms you use around your kid can highly affect the way he or she senses a situation. If you say words like “drill”, “shot”, pain”, or similarly scary words, your toddler is likely to feel nervous about his or her dentist appointments. Say to your kid that the dentist is simply counting your kid’s teeth, not checking them. Your kid’s dentist is removing the sugar off their teeth. Pick positive words that your kid can relate to, so they can realize that this will be a pain-free, positive, and fun session. 

Explain to your kid why a dentist visit is vital

Probably the most effective way to ease anyone’s tensions or fears, irrespective of their age, is through education. Educate your kid (using positive words) on why they require seeing their dentist. Show them images of what a healthy and dazzling smile looks like with a full mouth of adult teeth. Show them their own teeth standing in front of the mirror and also praise them for their cleaning practices. Help your kid understand the negative impacts if they don’t go to their dentist or brush their teeth daily! 

Final words

Preparing your kid before his or her trip to the dentist can create all the difference in how they feel when they come in at their appointment. Pick positive, calming terms while describing the dentist and dental consultations. You can also do a mock appointment in your own home, using a toothbrush to count every tooth. This will show your kid that a dental check-up isn’t difficult and won’t hurt at all!

Remember, it’s entirely normal that your kid has some fears and is anxious about their dentist appointment, so be understanding with them. 

Get the Help you need!

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