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Is Root Canal Painful For Children?

Kids have the most vulnerable oral health in their early life. This calls for immediate attention, especially if they have cavities or dental caries. In some contexts, a severe bacterial infection in the mouth becomes a leading cause of getting a root canal treatment. However, root canal for kids needs to be done if they suffer from infections. Here are some common assumptions about whether a root canal is painful for kids. 

Are Root Canals Necessary For Kids?  

Children don't often need root canal procedures. However, some notable reasons why children need a root canal include any form of dental injury or severe tooth decay. In such cases, dentists suggest tooth extraction as the best solution for them, although root canals make more sense. Dentists also recommend root canals on kids' teeth only if the cavity has reached the nerves of the teeth. These cavities are the most painful, and root canals become the last resort. Since oral development among kids is the most crucial, thus in most severe cases, root canal treatment is considered to be the most effective. 

Do Root Canals Hurt Children?

Let's face it; a root canal treatment is painful for adults and kids. However, a pediatric dentist tends to administer local anesthesia, which numbs the treatment area. So kids don't feel pain during the procedure. With the advancement of technology and development, undergoing root canal procedures is easy. Now your kids won't even feel a thing while carrying out the dental practice. Don't worry, sedation dentistry is completely safe for kids!  

What Is The Minimum Age For Root Canal?

For securing your kid's future oral health, if severe infections in your child's teeth require a root canal, then go for it. Dentists suggest that the right time to get a root canal is at the ages of 12 and 65. If the damage and infection to the tooth are extensive, then it is likely that your kid requires urgent dental assistance. 

Root Canal Aftercare For Children 

  • Pain management is crucial for your kid because after the procedure when the effect of anesthesia fades, they experience pain. 

  • Ensure your kid is flossing and brushing every day after meals, especially during the initial phase of the treatment. 

  • Offer them soft food and ensure a soft food diet until their swelling and numbness are reduced. 

  • Avoid giving them food, which might lead to plaque and affect the teeth again. Say no to chocolates!

  • Let them rest for a while, and don't let them indulge in some strenuous games. 

The Bottom line

Root canal treatment is imperative if your kid suffers from severe dental cavities. However, sometimes dentists recommend tooth extraction to resolve the issue, but it wholly depends on your kid's oral health. If your child feels pain during a root canal, their dentist will likely give them some local anesthesia to numb the area and help them relax. In most cases, this is all needed to make the procedure pain-free for kids. Talk to their dentist if you're worried about your child's upcoming root canal. They can answer any of your questions and help you decide if sedation dentistry is right for your child.