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Is Usage of Mouthwash Safe for Children? Know How it Can be Risk-Free

Being a parent, you should certainly look after your child’s oral hygiene. It is necessary to have a healthy mouth right from a tender age or else an aftermath is bound to emerge when the kid grows up. Many of them get perplexed when it comes to their child’s dental care due to which they restrain their little one to use a mouthwash.

However, to break the confusion, we have explained how a mouthwash can be absolutely safe for your children. You just need to choose the correct rinsing liquid.

Consider Your Child’s Age First: You must know that your little ones are not eligible to use a mouthwash if they have not hit the age of 6 yet. It is a known fact that a lot of mouthwashes which are made especially for kids also contain fluoride. But it can lead to fluorosis for those children who have still not crossed the age of 5.

Choose a Therapeutic Mouthwash: A cosmetic mouthwash may keep your child’s mouth fresh and away from bad breath but the best choice would be a therapeutic mouthwash. Right from preventing gingivitis to tooth decay, it will help your child in fetching a healthy mouth. However, do not consider a therapeutic mouthwash as a substitute for flossing because it won’t wash away the rigid tartars.

Look for a Mouthwash Which is Kid Friendly: You will come across quite a lot of kid-friendly mouthwashes if you look around for them in the market. And they are certainly safe for children. Such mouthwashes are available in several flavors and have been designed keeping every child in mind. They also feature fabled cartoon characters to attract your kids and contain no alcohol. Thus, what can be better than a kid-friendly rinsing liquid for your little one?

Figure Out if it Has ADA Seal of Approval: You will be free of every confusion if you get a mouthwash for your kid which has an ADA(American Dental Association) Seal of Approval. And it’s great to opt for something which has been tested by the largest dental association in the nation.

Ask for the Pediatric Dentist’s Opinion: If you still have your doubts and don’t know which mouthwash to select for your children, then it’s better if you consult a pediatric dentist. He/she will prescribe the correct rinsing liquid for your kids and will also explain its merits.

Your little ones are indeed quite precious for you, therefore, you would not want to compromise on their oral health. Give us a call today @708)-794-9526 to know how to provide your child with a healthy mouth.