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Best Oral Health Treatment for Kids at Joyful Smiles Pediatric Dentistry

It’s true! Joyful Smiles is one of the #1 places for kids in Kankakee and Cook county. Imagine a fun and relaxing environment, toys, games, and friendly faces all around. This ambiance is what your child experiences when you bring them to Joyful Smiles. Not to mention our nurturing staff to provide the best and most comfortable treatment.

As a mom herself, Dr. McDonald believes having a kid-friendly environment is equally important to the parents. She understands the challenges parenthood can bring, so she wants to make that much-needed trip to the dentist seem like a reprieve.

Parents can check unread emails, see what's going on in their social feed, or even take a photo or two as their child will most likely find themselves engaged with our brand new Touch 2 Play Pro tablets. Dr. McDonald recently installed these tablets in both the Tinley Park and Bradley locations. Loaded with 40 family rated games to make it the ideal waiting room game entertainment. Easy to play; it's sure to be a joyful experience every visit.

Remember, your feelings toward dental visits may vary significantly from your child's'. We recommend parents who have dental anxieties are careful not to relate those fears or dislikes to your child. A little moral support and staying calm will comfort your child as we examine them. Baby teeth don’t last forever, but memories do. That's why we do our job to make it the best experience possible for you and your child.

Good oral health for kids is essential and can prevent issues that might otherwise progress into adulthood. It's our goal to focus on preventative care to help each child grow a healthy smile that will last a lifetime. Read more - A guide to your child’s dental health care

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