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Are Digital Dental X-rays Safe for Kids?

When you think of a dentist appointment for your child, you might merely think of a checkup and cleaning. A comprehensive appointment, on the other hand, may include taking an x-ray of your child's teeth. Dental x-rays are used to take pictures of the teeth and bones, but they can seem strange and frightening, especially to children. Fortunately, dental x-rays, particularly digital x-rays, are not only safe but also beneficial.

When to go for dental X-rays for children?

An x-ray may be frightening, especially for a youngster. However, x-rays are a crucial aspect of oral health and are required for your child's checkups regularly. Dental x-rays are photographs of the teeth, gums, and bones. We need an x-ray to view the tooth in a way that we can't see with a basic visual check. They assist us in detecting cavities, monitoring gum health, and ensuring that your child's teeth and jaws are developing appropriately.

As a result, x-rays are critical for addressing tooth health concerns early on. Childhood is a highly critical period for your child's teeth, gums, and bones to grow, and it may set the tone for their oral health as adults. As a result, it's critical to identify and address any problems as soon as they develop.

How dentist makes dental X-rays safe?

Don't worry, we take precautions to ensure that your child's dental x-ray is safe and comfortable. We employ digital x-rays at our office, which are a terrific modern alternative to classic film x-rays. Digital x-rays have two key advantages: first, they consume less radiation than traditional film x-rays, and second, they provide high-quality images that we can readily alter and preserve.

Every parent is concerned about their child's safety during treatments such as x-rays, yet dental x-rays are highly safe. Traditional x-rays have been demonstrated in tests to emit very little radiation, and digital x-rays are even safer, exposing the subject to 90% less radiation. During imaging, we also employ lead aprons to protect your child's body from any radiation. We take the x-rays quickly and make sure your youngster is comfortable and secure.

Traditional x-rays utilize film to acquire pictures of the teeth and suffer from the same flaws as film cameras. The image develops more slowly, is not always of excellent quality, and must be scanned into a computer. Digital x-rays for children include all of the technical advantages of a digital camera. They generate high-quality digital photos of your child's teeth in seconds, which we can edit in our computer system. The photographs appear on the screen immediately, and we can zoom in or modify the exposure to expose even the tiniest issue.

Another bonus is that we can easily save the images to your electronic patient file. There is no fear of losing your child's dental records using digital technology.


When your child arrives for his digital x-ray, we'll explain everything in kid-friendly words. They might even enjoy seeing the pictures of their teeth up on the screen. Visit Joyful Smiles Pediatric Dentistry Of Tinley Park for Digital Dental X-rays for kids today.