Kids Dentist, Oral Health Care   •   January 24, 2020

Things To Do To Ensure Good Oral Health For Your Kid

Every mother in the world is concerned about her child’s overall health and you should never feel like you are overdoing it at times. However, what you should be questioning is whether you are putting enough focus on your child’s oral health. Oral health lays the foundation for a kid’s overall health. Don’t believe it? […]

Kids Dentist, Oral Health Care   •   November 18, 2019

Tips to prevent kids teeth from tooth decay

Joy is: A feeling of great pleasure and happiness, which we believe starts with a healthy smile! A healthy smile for your child starts with overall oral health. Did you know the most common disease impacting children’s oral health is tooth decay? Dr. Yaa McDonald takes this statistic seriously because she knows there are simple […]