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Preventative Dental Care   •   October 27, 2021

Importance Of Professional Dental Cleaning For Kids

Getting professional dental cleaning services at an early age can improve your dental hygiene. It allows you to enjoy the benefits of healthy teeth and gums throughout your life. Professional teeth cleaning services have several steps and they can prevent several oral health complications in your children in the long run. It is essential to […]

Pediatric Dentistry   •   September 30, 2021

The Most Common Dental Problems in Children

Childhood is a time of adventure, exploration, and development. However, during these years of discovery, there may be the development of a dental problem – a climb on the monkey bars may result in a fractured tooth, or a missed spot of plaque may result in a cavity. Many of the dental disorders that affect […]

Kids Dentist   •   July 12, 2021

What To Do If Your Kid Doesn’t Like Visiting The Dentist?

It’s not at all a surprise that a visit to the dentist may make your kid a little nervous. Most parents have stated that their kid is “terrified” of the dentist; others mentioned that their kid won’t even open their mouth at the dentist, and some also say that their children scream at the dentist! […]

Kids Dentist, Oral Health Care   •   February 27, 2020

Cavities in Children and How To Prevent Them

Knowing cavities To know how cavities occur in a child’s tooth, let’s first get to know about the tooth itself. The tooth has three layers. The surface of it is the hardest part of the tooth, called the ‘enamel’. Beneath the enamel is a much softer layer, which is called the ‘dentin’. Beneath the dentin […]

Joyful Smiles, Kids Dentist   •   February 19, 2020

Celebrate National Children’s Dental Health Month With Joyful Smiles!

It’s National Children’s Dental Health Month! Help us join the fight against plaque? If you know us, you know our practice likes to have fun! We want to get all of our readers to join us as we put together a team of heroes who are exceptionally good at taking care of their teeth! This month, […]