Meet our newest associate DR. JOSHI
Meet our newest associate DR. JOSHI

Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extraction In Durham, Raleigh, Morrisville NC

Tooth extraction refers to the surgical process of removing one or more teeth from the jaw. When a tooth becomes damaged to such an extent that it cannot be repaired, it becomes necessary to extract the tooth. Sometimes, a tooth needs to be extracted if there is not enough room in the mouth to accommodate one. At Brier Creek Smiles Dentistry, our dentists recommend surgical extraction of the tooth to provide pain relief to the patients and preserve overall oral health.

If you are also suffering from tooth pain, decay or crooked alignment, make sure to visit our highly experienced dentists in Raleigh.

Common Instances When Tooth Extraction Is Necessary

Even after the best efforts, there are some instances when a tooth extraction becomes inevitable. Injuries, decay, infection and other similar conditions can greatly impact a tooth and also pose a threat to the surrounding teeth. Some instances when extracting a tooth becomes necessary include:

  • Crowding or Impaction - Wisdom tooth usually comes out when one reached their late twenties. In many instances, the teeth might not come out properly. If it gets stuck under the gum, the tooth can cause immense pain. In other instances, the wisdom tooth may lead to crowding. Tooth extraction is necessary in such cases.
  • Severe Decay or Infection - If a tooth has suffered severe decay or infection, it will no longer serve its purpose. However, it can cause serious harm to other teeth and affect overall oral health too.
  • Facial Injuries - If you suffer from a facial injury, you might end up damaging or breaking a tooth or two; or even a part of a tooth. To fix this and provide pain relief; it is necessary to extract the damaged tooth.

Apart from these, you may also need to undergo a general tooth extraction due to a failed root canal procedure, gum diseases or even if the tooth is causing damage to the jawbones. At Brier Creek Smiles Dentistry, we understand the importance of tooth extraction and how it can impact your oral health. Our dentists are adept at performing general tooth extraction surgery and have been serving patients all over Raleigh, Durham, and Morrisville. If you are looking to get your tooth removed, simply visit our dental office.

What To Expect During A General Tooth Extraction?

A general tooth extraction process can be either simple or surgical, depending on the visibility and impact of the tooth.

  • Simple Extraction - When the tooth is entirely visible, it can easily be extracted with a simple procedure. Our dentists administer a local anesthetic to numb the area around the impacted tooth. Following this, the dentist loosens the tooth using an instrument known as an elevator and then forceps to remove it.
  • Surgical Extraction - If the tooth is hidden is in the gums, the surgical method will be used to extract it. You will be given a general anesthetic to gain control of your voluntary movements. After this, our dentist will execute the following steps:
    • Cut through the gum tissue for exposing the tooth and bone
    • Remove the bones that are blocking access to the tooth root
    • Divide the tooth into multiple sections
    • Remove the tooth
    • Clean the region from where we extracted the tooth
    • Stitch the wound for healing
    • Place gauze over the extraction site for controlling bleeding

What to do after a tooth extraction surgery?

During the healing phase after the surgery, you should closely follow the instructions of the dentist. This will help you get the best results of the surgery. Here are some general instructions that our dentists advice you to follow:

  • You may lose some blood after the surgery. As such, you should try to avoid spitting frequently.
  • After the extraction, you may experience intense pain in your teeth. To mitigate this, you must use the pain relievers prescribed by our dentists only.
  • After the extraction, you may experience intense pain in your teeth. To mitigate this, you must use the pain relievers prescribed by our dentists only.
  • You should ensure that you do not brush your teeth in the next 24 hours. Rinsing your mouth or using mouthwash are great ideas.

What Makes Brier Creek Smiles Dentistry the Ideal Destination for Tooth Removal?

If you are a victim of a damaged tooth, you must get the tooth extracted. Our team of expert dentists at Brier Creek Smiles Dentistry has been serving the residents of Raleigh, Durham, and Morrisville for quite some time. Our goal is to treat all our patients with the utmost care and improve oral health.

With all the necessary skills and vast experience, our highly-motivated dentists are the best choice for general tooth extraction. You can contact us at (708) 794-9526 or write to us at to book an appointment today. You can also visit us directly at 16345 S Harlem Ave, Tinley Park, IL 60477, United States . We assure you the highest level of service and tooth extraction with the greatest care.


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