Meet our newest associate DR. JOSHI
Meet our newest associate DR. JOSHI

Dental Bridges

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A dental bridge is a fixed prosthetic device usually made up of porcelain or ceramic that is primarily used on patients with a missing tooth. Dental bridges are what you may need if you are missing out one or more than one tooth despite having a healthy gum!

A dental bridge makes use of the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth as support. At our dental office, we use a bridge as an option to replace a missing tooth. The most exciting thing about the dental bridge is, the procedure is simple and can be done with ease.

In a dental bridge procedure, our dentist Dr. Doan Tran first inserts an artificial tooth and then secures it to the remaining natural teeth. At Brier Creek Smiles Dentistry, we always provide durable and sturdy dental bridges that act as a perfect replacement to a missing tooth.

What Does Dental Bridge Procedure Involve?

If you are thinking of treating your missing tooth, then waste no time in getting a top-quality dental bridge. The dental bridge that we use for treating our patients looks the same as that of a natural tooth. We can assure you that our team will replace your missing tooth with care and expertise.

Our highly-trained team makes sure that your teeth look natural and beautiful while making it affordable and keeping you comfortable. Before the procedure, we take the impression of your teeth and create a superior dental ridge in a state-of-the-art dental lab.

What Are The Perks Of Using Dental Bridge?

At Brier Creek Smiles Dentistry, we use dental bridges for the following reasons –

  • It improves the strength of the teeth to eat, speak, and chew.
  • Reduces the stress at the time of chewing.
  • Prevents the face from drooping.
  • Improves the façade of the face.
  • Protects the remaining teeth from being dislocated.
  • Makes you look good.

Need High-Quality Dental Bridges? Visit Brier Creek Smiles Dentistry Today!

If you are missing one or more than one tooth, then visit us as soon as possible! Our highly-trained and experienced restorative dentist, Dr Doan Tran is providing quality dental bridges to patients all over Morrisville, Raleigh, and Durham. Our dental bridges are affordable and of high quality.

We can assure you that our restorative dentistry services in and around Morrisville, Durham, and Raleigh are the best, and it is very hard to surpass us in terms of service. Under the guidance of Dr Doan Tran, we have achieved new heights in the field of dentistry. So if you are thinking “who is the best dentist near me”, then stop worrying! We will definitely make you look attractive and appealing. Dial our number - (708) 794-9526 or visit us at 16345 S Harlem Ave, Tinley Park, IL 60477, United States to get in touch with one of the best dentists in Morrisville.


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