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Joyful Smiles, Teething   •   February 7, 2018

What to do When Your Child is Teething?

Teething is a process that is experienced by all children. The first tooth usually erupts around 6-8 months and a child usually has a full complement of primary teeth (baby teeth) by 2.5 years of age.  A complete set of primary teeth consists of 20 teeth in total. There are many myths regarding the symptoms […]

Joyful Smiles, Thumb Sucking   •   January 24, 2018

Thumb Sucking

Thumb sucking, including various types of fingers is a very common habit observed in children. It is considered a normal phenomenon during the first two years of life. Studies show that thumb sucking habits are found in approximately 90% of American children under the age of four. Thumb sucking may develop early in life, starting […]