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dental sealants, Kids Dentist   •   September 2, 2020

Protect Your Child’s Teeth Against Cavities by using Sealants

Listen up, Cook and Kankakee County, By age eleven, 42% of children will have at least one cavity. Sugary snacks and drinks, coupled with poor oral hygiene, are the main reasons. Some parents may not understand the priority of protecting baby teeth from cavities if they will eventually be replaced with adult teeth, but good […]

dental sealants, Joyful Smiles, Kids Dentist   •   March 16, 2020

How to Make a Dental Visit Enjoyable For Kids

Going to the dentist is a trip that most children fear. As a parent, it might be a challenging experience to say the least to take your child to the dentist, because most of the time it is followed by reluctance, restraint, and even shrill cries! Hence, following are the 5 tricks you can try […]

dental sealants, Kids Dentist   •   December 10, 2019

Pediatric Dentistry: Facts to consider

You want to make sure that you do all that you can to protect your child’s teeth. But what if what you know is not enough? What if there’s a little bit more to the story? You can’t know everything about pediatric dentistry to perfectly protect and nurture your child’s teeth. However, some of the […]

dental sealants, Joyful Smiles, Kids Dentist   •   November 6, 2019

Are dental sealants safe for kids?

The word, “Sealants” is derived from the word, “Seal”, which is exactly what the primary function of dental sealants is. In other words, dental sealants are used by dentists to seal certain parts of teeth, especially in the molar and premolar region, which are prone to cavities. However, there has been a rising concern in […]