Kids Dentist, Oral Health Care   •   June 25, 2020

5 Most Common Dental Problems in Children

Just as the needs of dental care change as children grow, so do the potential dental problems which may arise. Understanding common dental problems during childhood is a great way to help your child pursue the best possible oral health. Will your child have any of these five common dental problems? We handle these and […]

Kids Dentist, Oral Health Care   •   February 27, 2020

Cavities in Children and How To Prevent Them

Knowing cavities To know how cavities occur in a child’s tooth, let’s first get to know about the tooth itself. The tooth has three layers. The surface of it is the hardest part of the tooth, called the ‘enamel’. Beneath the enamel is a much softer layer, which is called the ‘dentin’. Beneath the dentin […]

Kids Dentist, Oral Health Care   •   January 24, 2020

Things To Do To Ensure Good Oral Health For Your Kid

Every mother in the world is concerned about her child’s overall health and you should never feel like you are overdoing it at times. However, what you should be questioning is whether you are putting enough focus on your child’s oral health. Oral health lays the foundation for a kid’s overall health. Don’t believe it? […]

Milk, does it really “do a body good”?

As a pediatric dentist, I’m most focused on the question, “will milk do your teeth good”? Naturally, National Milk Day got me thinking about the benefits of breastfeeding when it comes to your child’s dental health. Most moms do their research before making this very personal decision for their baby. They find some of the […]

Joyful Smiles, Kids Dentist, Oral Health Care   •   November 19, 2019

Best Oral Health Treatment for Kids at Joyful Smiles Pediatric Dentistry

It’s true! Joyful Smiles is one of the #1 places for kids in Kankakee and Cook county. Imagine a fun and relaxing environment, toys, games, and friendly faces all around. This ambiance is what your child experiences when you bring them to Joyful Smiles. Not to mention our nurturing staff to provide the best and […]